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20 Gorgeous DIY Window Flower Box Planters To Beautify Your Home

20 Gorgeous DIY Window Flower Box Planters To Beautify Your Home Even though the inconsistent weather has put a temporary halt on our front door project – I refuse to stop thinking about bright and cheery, flower filled, outdoor projects for spring… and this week I’m thinking about window box planters. While many catalog window …

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Budget & Small Space Friendly: DIY Cinderblock Planters

Budget & Small Space Friendly:DIY Cinderblock Planters Succulents grow fantastically well in these planters, very low maintenance! Simple, cheap, and easy! My top tip would be to use a piece of chicken wire mesh for the bottoms of the planted holes, then there is enough to hold the soil in place, but also allows for drainage. Click the …

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DIY shaving cream & aftershave

DIY shaving cream & aftershave Most of my posts are geared toward women, but I’ve gotten several requests on Facebook for natural skincare options for men. Ladies, if you’ve been looking for a unique and usable gift for your husband, boyfriend, or dad, a real shaving kit with some home made products is a great option! You …

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Nighty-Night DIY Bath Salt Recipe

Nighty-Night DIY Bath Salt Recipe Do you struggle to wind down at night? Does it take you a while to get comfortable in bed, or to feel relaxed and ready for sleep? Are the muscles in your shoulders and back feeling tight and tense by the end of the day? What else can you do: …

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DIY Natural Room Scents

DIY Natural Room Scents We remember scents and associate memories and emotions with them. That’s why so many stores invest in creating a scent signature that translates into dollars! Lets avoid the harsh artificial scents provided by chemical packed store bought air fresheners! Nature has much to offer when it comes to perfuming our home …

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