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21 Recipes For 30 Minute Meals!

21 Recipes For 30 Minute Meals! I really enjoy round-ups like these because as a busy mom its hard to know what to cook the majority of the time! These round-ups make it easier and because they are all in one place you can just pick one and you are good to go! Finding kid-friendly, …

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21 Seafood Recipes That Take 20 Minutes or Less

21 Seafood Recipes That Take 20 Minutes or Less Seafood is known to be full of nutrients, vitamins, protein, and fats that are actually good for you. The nutritional value of seafood nominates it as the best food for any type of diet plan. ” Fish comes with so many more unique health benefits than …

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10 Minute Homemade Alfredo Sauce

10 Minute Homemade Alfredo Sauce ” I promise the coconut flavor is completely masked by *all* that butter and garlic. When you get that garlic super fragrant and use amazing butter, the alfredo sauce simply tastes like…creamy, garlicy, amazing alfredo sauce! “ Always wanted to make your own Alfredo Sauce? We have the perfect recipe …

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20-Minute Chocolate Croissants

20-Minute Chocolate Croissants Traditional croissant dough is a fun, but a time consuming process. It’s something everyone should try at some point, but it certainly does not fit into our definition of an easy recipe. That’s why we adore this recipe. Wait. Should I even call it a recipe when there are only 3 ingredients? …

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10 Minute Bead Mosaic

10 Minute Bead Mosaic Have too many leftover beads than you know what to do with? Whip out your glue gun and get crafting – you’ve got yourself a treasure trove of FREE art supplies perfect for a mosaic! Materials Needed: Turbo Tacky Glue (goes on thick and dries fast, but you can use just …

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