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43 More DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas

43 More DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas Wine lovers all have one problem in common. What do you do with all the wine corks, assuming you aren’t drinking boxed wine or screw top wine. If you are drinking the good stuff, you most likely will have some corks lying around. So, the next time you …

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Crochet Mermaid Blanket (FREE patterns!)

Crochet Mermaid Blanket (FREE patterns!) When the weather turns and you start to feel that un-welcomed cold again, there really isn’t anything better than cozying up on the couch reading a book or watching a movie with a nice comfy blanket to keep you warm. How pretty are these crochet mermaid blankets! The pattern may look tricky …

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650+ Construction Paper Crafts

650+ Construction Paper Crafts Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. A few supplies can lay the foundation for a rewarding afternoon for both of you — and you’ll have some exciting new …

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Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Child

Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Child For kids, I would bet that most fear and anxiety comes out of feeling insecure, confused, helpless, embarrassed and/or overwhelmed. Part of emotional development and maturation for kids is to learn the labels for different emotions so that they can start to recognize them in themselves (and others.) How we …

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40 Fabulous Autumn Play Ideas!

40 Fabulous Autumn Play Ideas! Treasure hunting, leaf collecting, blackberry picking, conker playing, seed planting… There are so many things you can do with your kids this Autumn! Autumn is traditionally the time for harvest festivals, when fruits, nuts and seeds are plentiful. You can create many opportunities to talk to your kids about growing …

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