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Super Cute Horse Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas

Super Cute Horse Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas My daughter is obsessed with horses, she would even like her own one day I am sure. To keep it cheap my end I found these wonderful, creative bedroom ideas for my girls room. When I was little, I loved Black Beauty, now its some horse called Spirit …

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22 Unusual DIY Ideas To Reuse and Recycle Old Belts

22 Unusual DIY Ideas To Reuse and Recycle Old Belts Got old belts just lying around, serving no purpose? There are so many things you can do with your old belts before you throw them out! Consider recycling your belts for home decorations! From an entrance mat to curtain tie backs, there is enough reason …

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25 Healthy Snack Ideas

25 Healthy Snack Ideas Kids are growing fast and they often need a snack in between meals. But what are some healthy snacks you can give kids that are full of nutrition and taste great? Yes, there’s more to healthy snacking than rice cakes and celery sticks. Check out this list from theidearoom.net, they have …

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Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Fair Project Ideas Simple science experiments you can do at home with your kids are a fun way to introduce children of all ages to basic scientific concepts. Inquisitive children can easily be encouraged to find things out for themselves by making observations, carrying out simple experiments and sharing their discoveries. Whether they’re in …

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12 DIY Gazebo Designs And Ideas

12 DIY Gazebo Designs And Ideas A pergola or gazebo can be remarkably versatile in the garden. It can frame a view or cover a walkway linking different garden areas. It can provide shade in a sunny corner with climbers growing up the poles or it can support hanging baskets. These plans will help you …

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