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10-Minute DIY: Citrus Fizz Bath Bombs

10-Minute DIY: Citrus Fizz Bath Bombs Have you tried bath bombs before? I’ll admit, I don’t pamper myself much but these look amazing…. What You’ll Need: Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Shea Butter, Essential Oils (I used Grapefruit and Citrus Fresh), Bath Color Tablets (optional) and a spray bottle with a small amount of water. Making your own bath bombs …

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Outrageously Cheesy Stuffed Pretzel Bombs

Outrageously Cheesy Stuffed Pretzel Bombs Excuse me one moment ……….. O M G ! ! ! ! Sorry about that! I’ve just had a melt down over these yummy cheesy stuffed pretzels! Please make these!  The outside is chewy and salty and the inside is pure squishy and soft, then, oh my life, then you …

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Meatball Bombs

Meatball Bombs These truly are the bomb!!! Make these and you will have one happy family!!! Super Easy too!!! How many of us have had the pleasure of the great many varieties of spaghetti and meat balls? What you will need: 1 can (12 oz) Pillsbury Homestyle Butter Tastin’ refrigerated biscuits, 8 cooked Italian-style meatballs (if using frozen, let …

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Bacon BBQ Chicken Bombs

Bacon BBQ Chicken Bombs This recipe is the best for parties or gatherings of all kinds. You could even just do them for a family fun night and really kick things off the edge. These make a great appetizer, especially for sporting events! Be sure to pin this recipe to your Superbowl recipes board!! I …

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Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

Aromatherapy Shower Bombs These nifty little shower bombs are super fun bath products to make, and almost as much fun to use! If you didn’t want to make these for cold and flu with strong oils, they could also be made with lavender or rose or citrus for an aromatherapy shower anytime! What you are going …

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