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10 DIY Pretty Spring Wreath Ideas

10 DIY Pretty Spring Wreath Ideas Spring is full of warmth, joy, love and happiness and these wreaths embody all of these things. If you’re looking for some wonderful wreath decor then this blog is perfect for you. How about using: different colored butterflies, pom poms, burlap, or even real lemons! I’m so excited to make …

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Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas To get my creative juices flowing, I started looking at fellow bloggers’ wreath ideas. And now I’m sharing this round-up to get you in the holiday crafting mood. Quite honestly, if you don’t find something that inspires you, you may as well hang up your glue gun! Any material arranged beautifully would …

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Minnie Mouse Wreath

Minnie Mouse Wreath Today I’d like to share this wonderful Minnie Mouse Wreath thatbrandnewmamma.com made for her daughters Minnie Mouse birthday party. I love making my daughter tutus and I thought why not make this wreath that looks like a tutu – she will love it!!! What You Will Need: Large ring Small rings Felt …

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DIY: Ornament Wreath

DIY: Ornament Wreath A lot of Christmas Glass Ball Ornament Wreath tutorials are a little spotty on the details, so I thought I’d throw this one out there for people like me who need very specific shopping lists and instructions – this is a really good tutorial from the lovely guys over at mk-creations.com…. Supplies: styrofoam …

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Scratch Sunflower Nut Edible Treat Wreath for Chickens

Scratch Sunflower Nut Edible Treat Wreath for Chickens This step by step tutorial is a homesteading delight for bored chickens in the Winter. You’ll need: Cooking spray Bundt Pan Cool water Knox unflavored gelatin Boiling water Bacon, suet or hamburg grease Mixture of scratch, sunflower seeds, cracked corn, raisins, nuts or seeds Frozen cranberries Ribbon …

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