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How to pickle anything (no canning necessary)

How to pickle anything (no canning necessary) When most people hear “pickle” they probably think of the classic sour dill cucumber, but you can get delicious results from almost any vegetable. I use one very simple salt brine recipe all year long to pickle whatever veggies happen to be in season and in my fridge.  …

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Plants That Naturally Repel Fleas And Ticks

Plants That Naturally Repel Fleas And Ticks While cats and dogs are their common target, humans are also at risk! In order to get rid of fleas and ticks naturally on your pets, you can use things like yeast and lemon juice. Your yard may also require attention as fleas and ticks are known to …

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Build Your Own Greenhouse

Build Your Own Greenhouse Just like the one pictured above! This is pretty cool, and easy to achieve! There are many types of greenhouses that can be built as a DIY project. You can build a simple greenhouse using a set of plans that you can get for free by looking online. Growing your own fruits …

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How To Plant Garlic

How To Plant Garlic Garlic is a member of the ‘onion family’ (known as alliums), which include onions, leeks, chives, spring onions and shallots. Garlic is a bulb that is made up of a number of segments called cloves. Garlic is best planted between November and April although you will generally get a bigger and …

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Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Elderflower Cordial Recipe Fragrant and refreshing, this elderflower cordial is the perfect summer drink! Not only is it easy to make, but this recipe offers the perfect excuse to go for a long walk and collect the flowers you need! Gather all of your friends and family together, get them in the garden and laze the …

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