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Wintertime Power Shots

Wintertime Power Shots These power shots will scare any cold and flu into submission, it will sooth sore throats and give you a boost of goodness when you need it most! Not only is this incredibly good for your health, it tastes great too! Honey is comforting and soothing and helps coat the throat when it is dry, …

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How To Get Rid Of Slugs

How To Get Rid Of Slugs Slugs hide under leaves and do a lot of damage in the garden, before you even know they’re there. Slugs are one of the most destructive and difficult pests to control but they do play an important role in ecology by eating decomposing matter. Throw slugs that you have collected dead …

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Best Mold to Make Stepping Stones

Best Mold to Make Stepping Stones What shape and size do you want your stepping stone to be? Believe it or not, you have several options when it comes to finding or making molds for your stepping stones. Before you start, you might want to read the article over at greenworld-com via the link below! …

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List Of 150+ Herbs With Uses And Benefits

List Of 150+ Herbs With Uses And Benefits You’re either a person who embraces the use of plants and herbs, or you a person who would rather purchase the chemical/pharmaceutical alternative. Either way there is no disputing that certain herbs have very clear and proven medicinal uses and other wide ranging properties. The problem in …

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How To Grow Strawberries in Baskets

How To Grow Strawberries in Baskets Strawberries in a hanging basket can be grown, indoors or outdoors. As long as they get enough sunlight, enough water, enough fertilizer, and enough care, they will grow and produce for at least three years. Not to mention, the flavor of home-grown strawberries can never compare to store-bought strawberries! …

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