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How to transfer PHOTOS onto WOOD

How to transfer PHOTOS onto WOOD Getting images onto wood can be a tough task. There’s a quicker, easier way and it’s as simple as printing and placing the image right on top of the wood. There are many difficult ways to go about putting your photos on wood, but if you’re looking for something …

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20 Things You Can Use Twice Before Tossing

20 Things You Can Use Twice Before Tossing Although you probably wouldn’t, you could easily find out what a household has been using and getting rid of by a simple peek at their trash bins. More often than not we toss old coffee grounds, uneaten food products, un-recyclable bottles and cans – and the list …

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Homemade Hay Feeder

Homemade Hay Feeder ” We’ve found that this style of DIY hay feeder has wide enough spaces between the slats to work for any animal whether it’s a goat, sheep, llama, alpaca, horse, or cow.” Caring for any animal can be very rewarding although a bit painful on the budget. That’s why we are sharing this …

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50+ Free Apron Patterns You Can Make

50+ Free Apron Patterns You Can Make Here you’ll find 50+ free apron patterns and tutorials collected from all over the web. And so many patterns to choose from! Making your own apron can be fun and also rewarding. Knowing that you have made something yourself can make you feel great, and when you get …

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DIY Compost Bin [from A Water Tank] ” Whether you’re planting in the ground or in raised garden beds, compost is going to be your magic trick to creating a thriving garden. Even if you start with the BEST soil combination, it still needs to be fed with rich compost each season to really perform …

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