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43 More DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas

43 More DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas Wine lovers all have one problem in common. What do you do with all the wine corks, assuming you aren’t drinking boxed wine or screw top wine. If you are drinking the good stuff, you most likely will have some corks lying around. So, the next time you …

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650+ Construction Paper Crafts

650+ Construction Paper Crafts Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. A few supplies can lay the foundation for a rewarding afternoon for both of you — and you’ll have some exciting new …

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25 Silly Spoon Crafts For Preschoolers

25 Silly Spoon Crafts For Preschoolers Every kitchen should have wooden spoons. These are perfect for kids to decorate and get creative with! You can paint them in different colors, and turn them into different characters! If you have started to do the Christmas decorations, this post can be very helpful too as you can …

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30+ Salt Dough Crafts For Kids

30+ Salt Dough Crafts For Kids Salt dough is a must for making basic sculptures. It can be used as an all-natural play dough and self-hardening clay alternative that can keep in the fridge for months. Your finished salt dough sculptures can be air-dried, oven-dried or even microwaved to set. Salt Dough Recipe: 1/2 cup …

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Top 50+ DIY Crafts

Top 50+ DIY Crafts It is very important that everyone recycles when ever possible but there is another option that you can do with your recyclables and that is to up-cycle when ever you can. Why not create fantastic functioning projects to help with your everyday needs? Or even just to have some fun? We …

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