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Plan a Large Outdoor Cookout – Grilling for a Big Crowd

Plan a Large Outdoor Cookout – Grilling for a Big Crowd The good people at fix.com contacted us at lilmoocreations about sharing their awesome cookout plan. Grilling expert and founder of Grilling 24X7, John Thomas, breaks down how to host a successful cookout for a crowd! John makes planning and throwing an outdoor BBQ simple and fun.  This …

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DIY Plan: Rotating Storage Unit

DIY Plan: Rotating Storage Unit Rotating storage units are nice as they work well for small spaces, such as a kid’s room. A quality rotating storage shelf like the one shown in the left two images can easily cost hundreds of dollars! I thought this was pretty cool and would be a great space saving design… …

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Eating Clean Meal Plan: Summer Menu

Eating Clean Meal Plan: Summer Menu ” If you want to feed your family well but aren’t sure where to start, this is the post for you. I have a whole foods approach to eating that the whole family will love, no health food store needed. “ Time to get your taste buds out of …

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Month-by-Month Storage Plan

Month-by-Month Storage Plan Planning in advance is always a good idea and if this year organizing your home is the part of your to-do list, but you can’t think where to start then you are at the right page. We have discovered a roundup where different parts of home are covered in 12 projects starting …

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Father’s Day BBQ Party Plan

Father’s Day BBQ Party Plan Barbecues are my absolute favorite. There is nothing like having friends over for good company and good food. I am constantly on the lookout for new recipes! Father’s Day gives you an opportunity to cook scrumptious delicacies for your dearest dad and you want to really surprise him with your …

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