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20 Crowd Pleasing Dip Recipes

20 Crowd Pleasing Dip Recipes Do you want to turn your party into something really special? Start off the evening with one of these delicious dip recipes. All of them are easy to prepare but full of flavor. The lovely familyfreshmeals.com has put together a collection of 20 of my favorite dip recipes, simply amazing!!! …

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21 Crowd-Pleasing Dip Recipes

21 Crowd-Pleasing Dip Recipes ” A good dip is a must-have for any gathering! Whether you’re having a sports party, birthday party, or just a random get-together, you have to serve at least one delicious dip! Luckily there are many types of dip recipes in the world! There are cheese-based dips, cream cheese-based dips, bean …

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Plan a Large Outdoor Cookout – Grilling for a Big Crowd

Plan a Large Outdoor Cookout – Grilling for a Big Crowd The good people at fix.com contacted us at lilmoocreations about sharing their awesome cookout plan. Grilling expert and founder of Grilling 24X7, John Thomas, breaks down how to host a successful cookout for a crowd! John makes planning and throwing an outdoor BBQ simple and fun.  This …

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