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How To Make A Wall Hanging Organizer

How To Make A Wall Hanging Organizer I’ve had this project on my to-do list for the last few years! I almost just bought a cabinet the other week in ikea but it was just a boring cabinet, this DIY hanger is way cooler and way cheaper. When there’s not enough space on the floor for …

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DIY Hanging Rain Gutter Planters

DIY Hanging Rain Gutter Planters Many people prefer gardening in the rain gutters because they don’t take much space and either can be hanged or fixed with the walls. These ideas are highly recommended for those people who have limited space in their house but love gardening. Supplies: 10 ft vinyl gutter (but I only used …

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Hanging Birthday Calendar

Hanging Birthday Calendar Not everyone is good with remembering family birthdays (or birthdays in general), especially when you have a really big family. Sure, you could use a traditional calendar or maybe you’ll notice the small notification at the top right of your Facebook. There is a much better option: a dedicated birthday calendar made …

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15 Smart and Cool DIY Hanging Planter Ideas To Beautify Your Home

15 Smart and Cool DIY Hanging Planter Ideas To Beautify Your Home Why buy new when you can DIY and save money?  Need a little inspiration to get your garden started in a container?  Check out what some amazingly creative people around the globe have used to grow a garden in – just about everything! …

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DIY Garden Hanging Basket

DIY Garden Hanging Basket Hanging baskets are great for brightening up your outdoor space. You can use all kinds of plants, so it’s easy to create interesting and colorful displays. The big issue with hanging baskets is that they dry out quickly, so this could be a problem when growing vegetables – as most like …

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