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30 FREE DIY Porch Swing Plans & Ideas

30 FREE DIY Porch Swing Plans & Ideas I have wanted a porch swing since FOREVER. I remember my gramps had one at his house that my brother and I grew up on… So many memories on it! I have been searching for the perfect one so my daughter can have the same experience and …

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40 Brilliant DIY Pallet Swing Ideas

40 Brilliant DIY Pallet Swing Ideas Repurposing or recycling wooden pallets into indoors or outdoors furniture has become very popular with people across the globe. As you all know, I LOVE pallets and their ability to be pretty much transformed into anything. Check out these brilliantly, awesome DIY pallet swing ideas from 99pallets.com! These are not DIY …

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DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop

DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop If you ever get the chance to visit a battery farm, I would say you should. Ex-Battery hens lead a terribly miserable life and the space these girls have (or don’t have!) in their cage truly needs seeing to believe. By keeping some chickens in the back garden, you …

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DIY Pony Tire Swing

DIY Pony Tire Swing Old tires can become a pain in your neck. Nobody wants them, and most waste management companies will not take them. You cannot burn them, and dumping them is illegal. Leaving them in your yard creates an unsightly eyesore. So what are you supposed to do with them? Turn those old …

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Airplane Swing Tutorial

Airplane Swing Tutorial Get your kids outside and in the garden! How about making one of these awesome airplane swings? Whitney from Whitney’s Workshop designed this cute airplane swing, and she’s sharing this amazing project with everyone!! You get a very detailed and thorough tutorial, so even though I’m not good with wood I think even …

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