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DIY Garden Train Table

DIY Garden Train Table My little girl is officially in love with trains. She sleeps with them and stuffs them in her backpack when we leave the house! Her underwear has pictures of them, and she pretends that whatever car she’s riding in is Thomas. MATERIALS NEEDED: One or more big plant pots Lots of …

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Christmas Crate Train

Christmas Crate Train Everything is getting festive over at lilmoocreations! I can’t help but share awesome Christmas crafts and treats! Check out this tutorial from The Keeper Of The Cheerios, you get a material list and full directions… How cool will look on your front porch?!  Materials: Wood Crates , Dollar Store Tins (Lids needed), Spray Paint …

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How To Build Your Child A Train Bed

How To Build Your Child A Train Bed WOW! How cool is this bed? As you can see there has been a lot of hard work and dedication gone into this project and it has turned out awesome! These memories will last a lifetime too! An important part of a young one’s life and development is …

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