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‘Frozen’ Erupting Snow

‘Frozen’ Erupting Snow This is so much fun! Add baking soda into a container. Then, slowly mix in shaving cream. As you slowly mix in the shaving cream you will discover a fantastic mold-able snow! And it gets better…. to make erupting snow you just add vinegar! You will need: bicarbonate soda shaving cream/foam blue glitter …

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Snow Globe Cupcakes With Gelatin Bubbles

Snow Globe Cupcakes With Gelatin Bubbles ” These gorgeous Snow Globe Cupcakes are topped with edible gelatin bubbles. That’s right–you can eat both the cupcakes AND the globe! They look so amazing and impressive, and are perfect for the holidays! “  Let’s be crafty today and make gelatin bubble toppers! Exciting! Head to Sugar Hero …

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DIY Snow Cone Syrup Recipe

DIY Snow Cone Syrup Recipe Are the kids are running around like crazy and begging for something to do? Sound familiar? Well I have the perfect solution for you…Homemade Snow Cones! Why in the world would you want to make your own snow cones? Well, of course it’s fun…and it’s easy…and it only takes a few ingredients, …

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Painting The Snow

Painting The Snow Snow painting is easy, requires very little preparation and can keep the kids outside in the fresh air for a while. It’s also an activity that the whole family can do together. As you can tell from the title of the project, the important component is the paint! This will let you and your …

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How to Add Snow to an Artificial Tree

How to Add Snow to an Artificial Tree If you want the beauty of freshly fallen snow without dealing with any grey slush or shoveling, artificial snow (aka flocking) is the way to go—especially when it comes to decorating your tree. If you try this, don’t be afraid to use a really heavy hand with …

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