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All-Natural Homemade Scouring Powder

All-Natural Homemade Scouring Powder The bathroom is one of my least favorite chores. Big surprise, right? I bet it’s your too! Some suggested essential oils: Tea Tree, Rosemary & Eucalyptus are great for killing germs; Peppermint & Wintergreen invigorates the senses; citrus scents like Lemon, Orange & Lime smell great as do floral scents like Rose, …

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DIY Powder Paint

DIY Powder Paint We love powder paint because you can use it in arts, crafts, play recipes, and sensory play. We used to buy store bought powder paint but we have recently started making homemade powder paint. It’s cheaper and it makes a great substitute. It is so easy to make and there are lots …

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DIY Grease-Busting Cleaning Powder

DIY Grease-Busting Cleaning Powder This stuff is awesome and the recipe uses just three ingredients. Really, you’ll need to have a food processor so that you can use it to grind and blend the three ingredients into a fine soap powder. Marie explains the best way to use this grease-busting cleaning powder. All you have …

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Bandits Mattress & Carpet Freshening Powder

Bandits Mattress & Carpet Freshening Powder I don’t want to gross anyone out but did you know that an average mattress contains 10,000 to 10,000,000 dust mites! Makes me shiver all over! So when I say that cleaning your mattress regularly is a very good idea, you can see why! Vacuuming your mattresses every few weeks …

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Herbal Scouring Powder

Herbal Scouring Powder This is such a great tutorial from Jan over at thenerdyfarmwife.com. This project is for making your own herbal scouring powders. They are so simple to make, they look really pretty (how often can you say that about cleaning products!), they smell delightful, they are all natural, and best of all they …

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