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Why Everyone Should Have Nail Polish In Their Homes

Why Everyone Should Have Nail Polish In Their Homes I found an article over at wonderhowto.com by Gabrielle Taylor that shows many ways that men can use nail polish to make their life just a little bit easier. I am blown away with the creativity of this one. Perhaps there are a couple of tips …

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Orange Wax Wood Polish

Orange Wax Wood Polish The thing about wood is that is does need to be cared for. Especially when it’s getting a lot of use! For example when using wooden cutting boards and salad spoons the wood tends to dry out and lose its lustre, the same goes for your furniture! This is a simple …

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DIY Silver Polish

DIY Silver Polish Most store bought silver polishing solutions are full of chemicals and can leave you light headed! Instead, why not try making your own? Take a peek below at how to make your own DIY silver polish that is frugal, natural, and effective…. Click the link below…. DIY Silver Polish