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40+ Non Pumpkin Thanksgiving Desserts

40+ Non Pumpkin Thanksgiving Desserts If you’ve already had your fill of pumpkin pie for the year after finding out about the pumpkin shortage, then you’re probably dreading that moment after the Thanksgiving feast when the cover is lifted off the pumpkin pie. Or maybe you just don’t have a soul and hate all things …

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64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas

64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas To stop the sweets overload this Halloween, consider handing out healthy snacks and nonedible treats like crackers, miniature toys, and temporary tattoos — items you might find in a typical goody bag. And let’s face it…bags of candy aren’t exactly cheap either so some of these alternatives might cost the …

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Non – Scratch Tub Scrub

Non – Scratch Tub Scrub Do you want a non-toxic but effective way to clean your tub? My least favorite thing to do is clean the bathtub and shower, actually I hate it! But Marie over at humblebeeandme.com has come up with a really good solution! A good home made cleaner is worth its weight in gold! Abrasive …

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