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Dry-canning Meat

Dry-canning Meat While many people home can pickles, jams, and jellies, not so many attempt meats. And because they’re so good and easy to can, they’re missing a whole lot. So, try putting up some meat. You’ll soon discover how truly indispensable they are! Click the link below for this great blog… Dry-canning Meat

How To Use Salt And Smoke To Cure Meat And Fish

How To Use Salt And Smoke To Cure Meat And Fish We need salt as a relish to our food, but it is not essential in the preservation of our meats. The Indians used little or no salt, yet they preserved meat and even fish in abundance by drying. This can be accomplished by fire, …

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Cheesy Meat Grinder Stuffed Bread

Cheesy Meat Grinder Stuffed Bread Looking for a simple, easy weeknight or Saturday afternoon sandwich? Then wait! Stop! Don’t leave without checking this one out! This is how you guarantee that any party you throw will be a smashing success. Cheese and bread are already a first-rate combination, of course, but this particular delivery method …

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