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DIY Sand Foam (Two Ingredients)

DIY Sand Foam (Two Ingredients) My favorite activities are ones I can create with what I already have in the house. This super simple sensory play only uses two easy ingredients, shaving cream and sand! There is no real defined amounts for the ingredients, the sand and shaving cream amounts can be adjusted until you …

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Closed Cell Foam Insulation For Your Home

Closed Cell Foam Insulation For Your Home You need your money more than the electrical utility company does. That’s the point of having a well-insulated house: It keeps you comfortable, no matter what the weather or season, while saving more of your heating and cooling dollars. Spray foam insulation does the job better than other …

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Rainbow Soap Foam

Rainbow Soap Foam If you’re looking for some activities to keep the little ones occupied consider this inventive rainbow soap foam bubbles sensory play activity You can use a clam shell pool but you can easily do this in a large tub or even just an ice-cream container for a small amount – just use what you …

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