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40 Favorite Winter Recipes

40 Favorite Winter Recipes During the cold winter months, satisfy your cravings by making your favorite winter recipes! Breakfast, slow cooker, pasta, Breads, sweets and comfort foods….It’s all here over at kidsactivitiesblog.com! To get ALL 40 recipes, click the link below…. 40 Favorite Winter Recipes


32 FAVORITE HAIR TUTORIALS Have you ever wondered how to do a hairstyle you’ve seen on other site or sites like Pinterest? Well, you’re in luck. This section is packed with fantastic hairstyle ideas, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve each hairstyle. Dive in and try something new this week! Check out Katie Shelton from abeautifulmess.com …

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54 Favorite Backyard Projects

54 Favorite Backyard Projects We have 54 backyard projects for you. Each one is different and unique to consider, they are pretty easy to do some are a little more advanced but you have 54 to choose from. The backyard is your safe space, your relaxing space and fun place so why not make it …

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DIY Play Dough: A Jello Spin on a Classic Favorite

DIY Play Dough: A Jello Spin on a Classic Favorite Kids love mixing, slurping, squishing, and smelling. They love creating, building, and learning new things with their hands. You love playing with your kids and helping them grow. This wonderful recipe for jello play dough has all the bases covered. Take your average play dough-making …

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