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Creative Colorful DIY Projects On How To Reuse Old Tires

Creative Colorful DIY Projects On How To Reuse Old Tires Old tires are normally thrown out or at the very least end up sitting around in the garage or yard collecting dust. Instead of throwing them out or letting them sit there making your yard look cluttered, how about turning them into something useful? Flowerpots, …

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15 Colorful Headboard Designs

15 Colorful Headboard Designs As you guys are probably aware, headboards are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics on the market. You can either buy a simple ready-made one to match your bed, or you can improvise and come up with a headboard that’s totally original. Instead of heading out to the furniture …

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55+ Colorful Kid’s Crafts

55+ Colorful Kid’s Crafts We don’t have to get complicated with our crafting. Especially with young children, much of the activity is just about being with you and exploring materials. Choosing something simple gives you a chance to practice creating with your kids instead of worrying about all the detail… These fun art activities are designed …

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Colorful Easter Cake Recipe

Colorful Easter Cake Recipe I am really looking forward to Easter coming up. I love this holiday for so many reasons….teaching the kids the true meaning of Easter, the baking, the Easter Bunny and everything in between. Celebrate this fun and colorful holiday with a bright Easter inspired delicious cake. This is a fun cake that was …

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10 Colorful Garden Crafts to Make from Old Tires

10 Colorful Garden Crafts to Make from Old Tires Unfortunately, more than 290 million tires are dumped or tossed into landfills each year in North America alone. If only more people completed brilliant recycling projects like these! Whether you have one or one hundred tires, there is always something that you can make with them …

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