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30 Innovative DIY Candles

30 Innovative DIY Candles If you are candle lover (like me) you know that candles can make the most beautiful atmosphere to relax in. Candles can be used for many different occasions and you can decorate the them specially to suit your mood! Whenever you get free time at home you can make nice, creative and …

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DIY Glitter Tin Candles

DIY Glitter Tin Candles Now this is my kind of craft. Quick, inexpensive and totally girly! I was never really girly in high school, but now in my early 30’s I am going through the glitter phase! These glitter tin candles would make awesome gifts!!! SUPPLIES: 6oz metal tins in silver or gold  1lb soy …

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DIY Pine Cone Scented Soy Candles

DIY Pine Cone Scented Soy Candles Lightly scented, clean burning, mood-enhancing, soy container candles. Everyone loves them, and they’re easy and fun to make. If you get started now you’ll have plenty of time to give these as gifts for the holidays, and of course save some for yourself!  Check out what you will need …

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Bottle Cap Candles (TUTORIAL)

Bottle Cap Candles (TUTORIAL) Bottle cap candles are so easy to make, and each candle should burn about 1 hour so they can be pretty handy to be around if you have a power cut! Small bottle cap candles are great for an evening at the beach, a party in the garden, a BBQ on the …

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How to Make Citronella Candles

How to Make Citronella Candles Essential oils are a long-used solution for invading insects. Eucalyptus wards off ticks. Ants hate peppermint oil and patchouli keeps fleas at bay. Perhaps best known, citronella oil, extracted from a grass related to lemongrass, is very good at keeping mosquitoes away. It is a common ingredient in bug sprays …

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