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Cinnamon Apple Bubble Up

Cinnamon Apple Bubble Up Now, there is nothing more traditional than apple pie, But how about we take it to a different level? Something easier than rolling out pie crust! This recipe calls for: Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Pie Filling, Sugar, Cinnamon and Nutmeg. For the full recipe and directions, click the link below! There are so …

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DIY Play Dough Bubble Bath

DIY Play Dough Bubble Bath This dough is a great tool to encourage kids creativity too (as well as play dough). This dough has a much different feel and consistency. It is elastic and stretchy like silly putty, but much softer. It’s a great sensory material for young ones to feel and work with. I …

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Homemade Giant Bubble Recipe

Homemade Giant Bubble Recipe Super giant bubbles are addicting to young and old. Kids would love to receive this as a gift too! What do you need: water (distilled is best but tap water is fine) blue Dawn dish detergent corn starch (corn flour in the UK) baking powder (not baking soda) Glycerine  You can blow bubbles …

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Soap Bubble Art

Soap Bubble Art Bubble painting is a classic children’s art activity, and it’s easy to see why – it’s easy, cheap, kids love it, and the results are pretty good too, but bubbles are also amazingly versatile! What you need to make Soap Bubble Art: Dish Soap, Water, Water Soluble Food Coloring, Straws and Card/Paper. Your child is …

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Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Rainbow Bubble Snakes I loved blowing bubbles as a kid! I ran after them when they were pushed by wind in different directions and loved that you could see rainbow colors when the light hit them! Anyway, I’ve recently found an interesting post on Housing a Forest which is not so much about chasing bubbles …

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