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Boot Dryer Tutorial

Boot Dryer Tutorial Tired of Cold Feet? Dry Your Boots with this genius project! Wet boots can ruin a winter morning, so spare your toes by drying your boots like this (see above image!) You could spend something like $30, but where is the fun and saving money? Our top tip: Make sure you wring …

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Mud-Busting Boot Scrape

Mud-Busting Boot Scrape If working on your homestead leaves your boots covered in mud, this tutorial to help you build a boot scraper may be just what you need to keep that mud out of the house. Scrub brushes screwed to your steps are perfect for cleaning shoes and boots to keep from tracking dirt in …

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DIY Finger Knit Boot Cuffs

DIY Finger Knit Boot Cuffs I thought I might have a go at this DIY Finger Knit Boot Cuff Tutorial from Audra over at thekurtzcorner.com. You might remember the Arm Knit an Infinity Scarf in 30 minutes post. Well Audra was the inspiration behind that one too! You can accomplish this using knitting needles or crochet hooks with a much …

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