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Nighty-Night DIY Bath Salt Recipe

Nighty-Night DIY Bath Salt Recipe Do you struggle to wind down at night? Does it take you a while to get comfortable in bed, or to feel relaxed and ready for sleep? Are the muscles in your shoulders and back feeling tight and tense by the end of the day? What else can you do: …

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DIY Oatmeal Bath Recipe

DIY Oatmeal Bath Recipe This one of the best home remedies I know for soothing and cooling itchy and painful skin. The oatmeal naturally calms and moisturizes your skin, which is probably why it’s such a staple in many over-the-counter and natural beauty products! What you will need: whole fat dried milk, baking soda, oats …

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DIY Play Dough Bubble Bath

DIY Play Dough Bubble Bath This dough is a great tool to encourage kids creativity too (as well as play dough). This dough has a much different feel and consistency. It is elastic and stretchy like silly putty, but much softer. It’s a great sensory material for young ones to feel and work with. I …

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Benefits Of A Chicken Dust Bath

Benefits Of A Chicken Dust Bath If you own chickens or are thinking about starting yourself a little flock you might want to read up on why giving your chickens a dust bath is beneficial to them and their health. A happy chicken is more fun, and a happy chicken lays more eggs, that I …

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Awesome Mom Hacks for Bath Time

Awesome Mom Hacks for Bath Time Do your kids love the bath, or do they raise a tantrum at the very sight of the tub? Mine can easily go either way; it all depends on what mood they’re in and whether Mom has come up with any fun bath games. In this tutorial, popular YouTube …

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