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12 Alternative Ways To Use Dish Soap

12 Alternative Ways To Use Dish Soap There’s always the need for specialty cleaning products – but most jobs can also be tackled with really basic ingredients – like baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol – and one of my personal favorites – dish soap – or dishing liquid – or washing-up liquid – or whatever …

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Alternative Lighting and Heat Sources

Alternative Lighting and Heat Sources Much of our effort to warm our home is lost through improper or inadequate insulation and drafts. There are many ways to insulate your home and keep accumulated heat from escaping! Some city or other has a power outage in the dead of winter and as a result of it, a …

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20 Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas

20 Alternative Gift Wrapping Ideas I never think outside the box when it comes to gift wrapping!! I know many people who make their own wrapping paper and reuse their old junk and turn it into something wonderful!! I find it difficult and end up buying wrapping paper but this article has given me inspiration… …

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A Natural Bleach Alternative

A Natural Bleach Alternative Are you looking for a natural bleach alternative? Bleaching agents contain numerous chemicals that are not eco-friendly and not safe to use. The more we use these cleaning agents, the more harm we do to our environment and even ourselves. It’s about time we took the natural approach! You will be amazed …

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5 Alternative Pumpkin Carvings

5 Alternative Pumpkin Carvings Are you in a pumpkin jack-o’-lantern rut? Why not shake things up and carve something other than a pumpkin this Halloween? I personally never considered carving anything other than the traditional pumpkin until I found this fun and spooky pineapple! Check out the other inspiring ideas collected from apartmenttherapy.com. Click the link below …

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