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Backyard Chickens 101

Backyard Chickens 101 Even though the idea of getting fresh eggs from your backyard every morning sounds great, you may have a few concerns about keeping them. Chickens are a great species to start with on the farm – they’re easy to care for, inexpensive, and rewarding. But there are a few really good questions to ask …

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How to Build a Totally Self-Sustaining Home

How to Build a Totally Self-Sustaining Home Learning to be self sufficient, reducing your footprint and saving money is now fast becoming a natural way of life. But you still need to bring in some money to keep things going. There are a number of ways to continue living and doing what you love and …

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Fantastic Chicken Coop Ideas

Fantastic Chicken Coop Ideas Raising chickens can be a really rewarding experience. These amazing animals eat a small amount of feed a day, and yet produce one egg about every day of the year. (Out of 365 days a year, they lay about 335 eggs.) Remember to keep your chickens healthy by maintaining a clean …

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18 DIY Toys For Goats To Keep Them Busy

18 DIY Toys For Goats To Keep Them Busy Have you ever been to a pet store and picked up toys for your goat? I think not! So, why not make your own from recycled materials?!  Ideas can include: rock piles little tykes cubes slides very large electric wire spools ….pretty much anything they can …

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Mosquito Repelling Incense

Mosquito Repelling Incense Do you have a perfect patio area that is being inundated with mosquitoes? If you have high humidity in your area, then you will likely have to put up with these pests. Spraying is one option, but you may not want to use dangerous chemicals. A better option is to use mosquito …

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