25 Border & Edging Ideas For Your Vegetable & Flower Garden

25 Border & Edging Ideas 

For Your Vegetable & Flower Garden

photo credit: guidinghome

photo credit: guidinghome

There are a great variety of edging materials to choose from: metal, stone, brick, plastic, concrete, or wood. Garden edges and raised borders not only add charming accents to your garden but also hold great importance in maintaining the garden. The attractive borders made with stone, bricks, rocks and other materials keeps grass from invading, visually serves as boundaries between the paths and garden and also eliminates the necessity of edge trimming. 

They are relatively inexpensive. Stones are also a wonderful way to create unique garden design with elegance and style. These simple yet attractive edging and border ideas can help you to create a wonderful background for displaying variety of flowers and vegetables and turn your garden into a visual retreat. A creative DIY edging can help infuse your garden with a unique sense of style that reflects your personality. Here are some terrific and inventive garden edging ideas to get you started. Click here:

25 Border & Edging Ideas For Your Vegetable & Flower Garden