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Five Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Five Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes These diffuser recipes do more than just smell good – they’re also therapeutic. Diffusion is a powerful way to get the oils working inside your body – relaxing your muscles, calming your nerves and boosting your mood and immune system. Of course there’s nothing wrong with diffusing a single oil, …

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Lemonade Dessert Recipes

Lemonade Dessert Recipes ” Lemonade is a staple during the hot summer months. I love to try different lemonade drink recipes but I thought it would also be fun to try out some Lemonade Dessert Recipes. These Lemonade Dessert Recipes could be served at a shower, BBQ, or birthday party. Or, just make some for …

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22 Summer Sangria Recipes

22 Summer Sangria Recipes ” The following 22 Sangria Recipes are tried and true, from some of my favorite bloggers. Now I can just pick one, make it and sip and enjoy with friends. Little to no thought needed. ” Usually, when hosting any parties, it’s fun to have a corner filled with pitchers of …

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Summer Crock Pot Recipes

Summer Crock Pot Recipes The best thing about summer crock pot recipes is you are not using your oven. You do not even need to be in your kitchen while the meals are cooking. This means you can do other things indoors or spend a few hours outdoors and not be in a hot kitchen. …

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30+ Tempting Meatloaf Recipes

30+ Tempting Meatloaf Recipes ” There are so many different ways to make meatloaf, try a simple classic style or gourmet, with ground beef or even turkey, full-sized loaves and even mini-muffins. ” ~ Tipnut Meatloaf has long been a popular American dish, and many consider it a comfort food. These awesomely creative meatloaf recipes put …

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