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Baked Egg Breakfast Tarts

Baked Egg Breakfast Tarts Eggs can be a tricky thing to cook for a crowd; seriously, don’t even bother making scrambled eggs or omelets for more than a couple people, unless you get off on stressing over things! I’m always on the lookout for brunch-ready, low-fuss ways to cook the morning staple, and this elegantly …

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Chocolate Homemade Pop Tarts

Chocolate Homemade Pop Tarts Did you know Pop Tarts are not vegetarian? The fillings all contain gelatin, making them unsuitable for vegetarians. Of course, they also have high fructose corn syrup, lots of artificial dyes and colors, and plenty of other stuff you are probably trying to avoid. The best way to avoid these not …

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Vegan Banana Cream Pie Mini Tarts

Vegan Banana Cream Pie Mini Tarts These dreamy pies are perfect for vegans, but are suitable for all – vegan or not! Karen Raye over at kitchentreaty.com shares her awesome recipe and rightly so because these dreamy tarts are stuffed with a creamy dairy-free banana cream pie filling and topped with coconut whipped cream! OMG! Ingredients …

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