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Propagating Succulents – How-to Tutorial

Propagating Succulents – How-to Tutorial Succulents are beautiful, versatile and oh-so-trendy right now. They come in every shape and color and make for gorgeous accents in your home or garden. The only problem? Succulents are expensive! So, what can we do about it? Propagating is the answer! Propagating succulents is incredibly easy, rewarding, and best of all …

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20 Pretty Pots to Refresh Your Succulents

20 Pretty Pots to Refresh Your Succulents If you have trouble keeping indoor flowers or plants alive…succulents are the answer to your plant problems! Succulents thrive in the simplest of environments as one of the easiest plants to take care of – and they are super cute! From painted pots to vintage containers, succulents can …

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