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Easy To Make Flax Seed Warming Pillows

Easy To Make Flax Seed Warming Pillows Surely you’ve seen those neck pillows advertised on TV and in magazines and catalogs—the ones you warm in the microwave before wrapping around your neck? Well, you can make your own natural, scented neck pillow in less than an hour. Flax seed is the ideal filler because it’s a …

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Giant List Of 230+ Heirloom Seed Suppliers

Giant List Of 230+ Heirloom Seed Suppliers This is an AMAZING resource that list 230+ domestic and foreign suppliers of heirloom/non-GMO/organic seeds. The list is divided by country: USA, Europe (except UK and Ireland), Canada, Australia & New Zealand and South Africa. If you want to grow your own food at home but you don’t want to risk GMO seeds which …

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How to Make a Bird Seed Wreath

How to Make a Bird Seed Wreath A bird seed wreath is an easy, fun project that makes a great gift. It’s a perfect project to do with kids, and there’s no limit to the possibilities of designs and colors. You can even make smaller ones for the kids, just use smaller molds!  BIRD SEED …

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20 Seed Starting Tips

20 Seed Starting Tips Starting seeds is not complicated or difficult, if you understand the process. The basic ingredients are a proper growing medium, containers, light, warmth, water and attention. Protect against plant disease by thoroughly cleaning all used containers: Wash them in hot, soapy water, and rinse with a dilute solution of household bleach …

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Make Your Own Seed Tape

Make Your Own Seed Tape LOVE LOVE LOVE this article! A very clever idea! Anyone could do this, it’s so easy and saves so much time! Sow your seeds right where you want them, simple! The tape is made of bio-degradable paper which is planted directly into your garden. Seed tape tends to be pricey but …

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