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Attracting Monarch Butterflies to Your Garden

Attracting Monarch Butterflies to Your Garden The Monarch butterfly population has declined. Like other butterflies, habitat destruction and pesticide use are often the culprits. While gardeners often supply nectar plants for all butterflies, some are unaware of the needs of the Monarch larva. Many others simply do not know or understand the impact of a …

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Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings (Tutorial)

Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings (Tutorial) You can’t easily go buy monarch butterfly wings! You can buy {butterfly} wings…pretty blue wings, pink wings, rainbow wings…at most party stores. But a monarch? A little harder to come by! I found this awesome tutorial that you can make yourself and if you pair the wings with some black …

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How To Raise Monarch Butterflies

How To Raise Monarch Butterflies Now’s the time of year you’ll find Monarch butterfly eggs on your milkweed.  Just turn over the leaves, look on the underside and you’ll see them. Once you find the eggs/caterpillars you will want to bring them in soon to their indoor caterpillar home. If you leave them out they may …

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