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How to Remove Scratches on Leather Furniture

How to Remove Scratches on Leather Furniture No matter how careful you are, it is very common for leather furniture to get scratches due to normal use. You may think that your furniture is ruined, but there are ways to restore it. Leather is a versatile material that has the ability to bond to itself, …

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DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet

DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet Wrap bracelets are all the rage lately, and there are so many different variations of this jewelry-making trend. From leather wrap bracelets to crochet wrap bracelets to ribbon wrap bracelets, this DIY jewelry fad offers a range of possibilities, Everyone loves the look of leather wrap bracelets. How about changing the …

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Leather + Flannel Snap Scarf Tutorial

Leather + Flannel Snap Scarf Tutorial Another awesome article from Delia – Leather + Flannel Snap Scarf. She is such a talented lady and if you can follow her page you will not be disappointed! Make sure you have all the tool you need below! SUPPLIES & TOOLS: 1 Soft leather trim piece – 3″x …

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