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Chocolate Honeycomb Slice

Chocolate Honeycomb Slice We love easy recipes and you are going to love to make this Chocolate Honeycomb Slice and you only need 4 simple ingredients! It’s no bake and easy to make! What you will need: malt biscuits, Violet Crumble bars, thickened cream and NESTLÉ Sweetened Condensed Milk.  This is also a perfect, kid-friendly recipe so grab your kiddies …

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Honeycomb in Jars

Honeycomb in Jars While flipping through some newly acquired antique beekeeping books, I came across the intriguing idea of coaxing the bees to build the comb directly in jars. I found a great article from lovelygreens.com on how to do this! If you live in a suburban area, you may think that starting a beehive cannot be …

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