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8 Handy Vacuum Cleaner Tricks

8 Handy Vacuum Cleaner Tricks It is easy to get in to bad habits when it comes down to home cleaning, and if you allow them to develop, you will no doubt find that the results are rather less effective than they should be. Get ready to earn the title “vacuum queen.” Sounds good doesn’t …

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20 Handy Ways To Reuse Tights And Pantyhose

20 Handy Ways To Reuse Tights And Pantyhose If you wear stockings or pantyhose, don’t let runs and snags ruin your day. And definitely don’t throw old nylons away. Because, while they might have fallen short in their promise to keep your legs looking smooth, they have a whole other future existence as versatile household …

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Handy Homemade Vaseline

Handy Homemade Vaseline Winter will soon be approaching and it is definitely time to take that extra step to ensure that your lips and feet stay soft and smooth during the harsh weather.  If you’re like me, you’re going to have your feet in boots during those cold months. It’s definitely a good idea to …

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