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37 Ideas for Handmade Valentines

37 Ideas for Handmade Valentines There’s something super sweet about handmade valentines. Some of my favorite memories from childhood involve sitting at the kitchen table (covered head to toe with glue and glitter!) making cards for my friends and family! These ideas are a fantastic alternative to store-bought valentines! They are festive, sweet, easy and …

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30 Handmade Christmas Trees

30 Handmade Christmas Trees Decorating Christmas tree with our family is probably among the best childhood memories we have. However, not everyone likes the idea of cutting down the trees, so people came up with an idea to replace them with artificial ones. And now, as the boundaries of imagination are only expanding, the most …

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20 Easy Handmade Tray Projects

20 Easy Handmade Tray Projects Pretty store bought serving trays often have not-so-pretty price tags. But lucky for us, there are tons of easy DIY solutions to this problem. Here are 20 easy handmade tray projects from homedit.com. If you’re looking for a nice serving tray to prepare beautiful tablescapes for a family dinner or a party with …

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25 Handmade Christmas Ideas

25 Handmade Christmas Ideas There’s something extra special about homemade gifts. I love them! Who wouldn’t love to receive homemade gifts? They really are the best kind of gifts to give/receive. Everyone always loves the ones I make them (or at least they pretend they do LOL). Today i found this awesome round up of …

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Handmade Dish Scrubbies

Handmade Dish Scrubbies I’m trying to get a head start on handmade gifts. Our household has never gone without one by the sink in years! If you have never tried using them when washing dishes, you’re missing out.  I love them and they are really easy to make to! Over at evermine.com you can get a free …

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