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Growing a Beanstalk

Growing a Beanstalk This is another childhood favorite of mine – and something that we have done before growing beans in jar it’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to observe the process of plant growth as the seed is visible at all times. Supply List: cotton balls (paper towels also work well) bag of dried …

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Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees

Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees Miniature trees are popular with backyard and balcony gardeners who want small amounts of several fruit varieties. Growing dwarf fruit trees in containers makes them easier to prune and harvest. Younger trees bear fruit faster. Lee from Lady Lee’s Home has written a fab article to give you all of the details …

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5 Quick Growing Veggies You Can Harvest In No Time

5 Quick Growing Veggies You Can Harvest In No Time While gardening tends to be a patient process that can’t be hurried, some vegetables reach harvest size more rapidly than others. Asian greens, lettuce, beans, sprouts, peas and rocket will all sprout and mature quickly. Here are some vegetables to plant that you’ll be picking …

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Growing Grains in a Small Garden

Growing Grains in a Small Garden Raising grains such as wheat, spelt, oats, rice, buckwheat, barley, millet, and rye in your backyard doesn’t require any special machinery, and you may be surprised at how little space it takes to grow a substantial supply of homegrown grains. If you’re deep into gardening and self-sufficiency, sooner or …

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10 Starter Tips For Growing Tasty Tomatoes

10 Starter Tips For Growing Tasty Tomatoes It doesn’t take an expert gardener to appreciate the virtues of a homegrown tomato. But even experienced gardeners can sometimes experience challenges in growing these beauties to perfection. I love growing tomatoes as do about 40 million other people in America. So it comes as no surprise that …

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