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How to Store Fuel for Emergencies

How to Store Fuel for Emergencies Having an emergency supply of fuel can help create warmth in your home to assist in regulating your body temperature, assist in cooking food, and also helps in powering essential emergency tools such as generators, household appliances. The most common fuel used to power a generator and other machines …

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How to Convert Water into Fuel

How to Convert Water into Fuel Let me just say it is NOT possible to drive completely with water – not yet anyway! You will still need fuel. BUT, with the water being converted to hydrogen and fed into the engine’s air intake, your vehicle will get more miles per gallon (or kilometers per liter) …

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Homemade Bio Fuel Briquettes

Homemade Bio Fuel Briquettes Ok, so Bio fuel is completely made from recycled materials and does not harm the environment when burns. It has almost no sulfur or mercury in it, so it cannot pollute environment and create green house gases. Bio fuel is not only good for the environment, but it is a lot …

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