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70+ Hot Glue Crafts

70+ Hot Glue Crafts Do you have a hot glue gun laying around but aren’t sure what to use it for? Looking for new DIY craft inspirations? This article will give you over 70 options for creating a fun hot glue gun craft. Most of the projects can be done within the same day and for …

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70+ Homestead Hacks You Will Love!

70+ Homestead Hacks You Will Love! There are so many tasks a homesteader must complete each day! To an outsider these would seem daunting and they would probably fail miserably if they were to try! BUT this is why i love articles like this one. I think it’s just amazing how people can come up …

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70+ Preparedness Gardening Projects

70+ Preparedness Gardening Projects Having food stockpiled is great and will keep you fed but what would you do if the emergency you were in didn’t end? what if you get robbed, what if you didn’t stockpile enough? These are all great questions I ask my self and friends. Gardening is the easiest key to …

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