Mix Your Own Herbal Cordials

Mix Your Own Herbal Cordials

By NikkiNikx/Shutterstock.com

Be green fingered and grow your own herbs (you can use fresh or dry). Recycle your old jars and you can be very frugal! As a treat you could even add it to one of the hampers we saw earlier in my other post… 

Please be aware that cordials have a high alcohol content, so they should be imbibed in small sips out of port or madeira glasses.

You can also use cordials when cooking – adding them to desserts similar to a vanilla extract, or to flavour marinades and glazes. Pour it over ice cream and fruit, or add to morning pancake batter (the alcohol wears off when cooked).

These cordials are simple to make and don’t forget you can tweak the recipes to your own taste, even try some different kinds of sweeteners it’s totally up to you! Click the link below to make this yummy treat…..

Mix Your Own Herbal Cordials