DIY Organizer from Old Window

DIY Organizer from Old Window

photo credit to mysocalledcraftylife.com

photo credit to mysocalledcraftylife.com

I am so tired of writing and rewriting my to do lists everyday and then what do I do? Misplace them (GRRR)…. And then there’s my darling husband reminding me of the same things everyday but yet he forgets his jobs too! This project would be awesome as an organizer for your kitchen or mud room to make lists, reminders, clip important things to, really anything you like! I think it would be fun to add some hangers or knobs to the bottom to hang keys or bags from! You can let your imagination run free, there are so many possibilities. Below is what you will need to begin your project, but make sure you click the link underneath and follow Ashlee from mysocalledcraftylife.com for her full tutorial….

* An Old Window

* Cork Squares

* Chalkboard Spray Paint

* Chicken Wire

* 1.4″ Wood ( I used plywood, but in hindsight I would recommend MDF for a much better finish)

* Sawtooth Hanger

* Power saw or table saw for cutting wood

* Wire Cutters

* Razor Knife

* Scraper

* Rubber Mallet

* Trim nailer, hammer and tacs, or silicone caulk

DIY Organizer from Old Window