DIY Homesteader Soap Recipe With Goats Milk And Tallow

DIY Homesteader Soap Recipe 

With Goats Milk And Tallow

photo credit to myhealthygreenfamily

photo credit to myhealthygreenfamily

Goat milk soap is gentle to the skin. The milk delivers calcium to the skin, making it smoother and healthier. Homemade soap also contains glycerin, to help the skin retain its natural moisture. Glycerin is created naturally during the process of soap making. Commercial soap manufacturers remove this by-product by means of steam extraction. It is used to make ointments and lotions.

If you look on the label of most any commercially available soap today, you’ll see “Sodium Tallowate” listed as an ingredient. Sodium Tallowate is the byproduct of mixing lye with tallow or beef fat. (Technically, tallow is fat (beef or other) that has been rendered.)Yup…the #1 ingredient used in most soaps is beef fat.

Whether you agree with them or not, there are a few simple reasons why beef fat (or tallow) is used so widely in soap:

  1. It’s cheap
  2. It’s readily available
  3. It makes really good soap. The lather is rich and creamy, and hard to duplicate in a vegetable oil soap.


44 oz. tallow
20 oz. olive oil
20 oz. coconut oil
11.7 oz. lye
27 oz. goat milk, partially frozen in ice cube-sized chunks (or water, if preferred)
1 oz. essential oil

Now you have the ingredients you need to head over to myhealthygreenfamily.com where you will find a materials list and full directions on how to make your very own Homesteader Soap With Goats Milk And Tallow! This article is AWESOME and guarantee you will LOVE it! Click the link below….

DIY Homesteader Soap Recipe With Goats Milk And Tallow