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Hawaiian Chicken Foil Packets

Hawaiian Chicken Foil Packets ” One of the nice things about foil packets is that they make it a lot easier to grill foods with a lot of sauce, which would normally make a mess of your grill. So I decided the foil packet dinner would be the perfect way to grill Hawaiian chicken, dripping …

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How To Reuse Silica Gel Packets

How To Reuse Silica Gel Packets Most of us have encountered silica gel when buying new shoes or pretty much anything else at least once in our lives. Usually, you find yourself tossing these packets out because, after all, what else can you do with them? The moto is to hold on to those silica …

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DIY Instant & Healthy Oatmeal packets

DIY Instant & Healthy Oatmeal packets I love the convenience of the instant oatmeal packets sold in grocery stores, but I do not like the cost of it! I eat it for breakfast probably five days a week and so does my daughter, so we get through a lot. It’s a very healthy fuel to get …

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