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Chex Mix Christmas Crack

Chex Mix Christmas Crack The flavors and textures in this make it absolutely incredible! This is a perfect holiday treat and great for neighbor gifts. It is so easy and makes a big batch. If you haven’t made it before you will become instantly addicted and won’t be able to stop eating it. You will …

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Bulk Muffin Mix Recipe

Bulk Muffin Mix Recipe Baking mixes are very easy to make yourself. Label a bag or jar with the wet ingredients list and baking instructions. Fill it with the dry ingredients. Seal and store until you’re ready to use. You can easily create a bulk muffin mix which is essentially a base for any type of …

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27 Plants That Don’t Like To Mix It Up!

27 Plants That Don’t Like To Mix It Up! Many plants simply hate to share their space with others. Some plants are very choosy about their companions, a little like who you like to hang around with! The gardening wizards at plantcaretoday.com posted this detailed list of twenty-seven plants that can (and can’t) grow side-by-side. It will …

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29 Hacks that Will Make a Cake Mix Amazing

29 Hacks that Will Make a Cake Mix Amazing There’s so many ways you can incorporate cake mix into your baking! Who knew?! It can really jazz up a dessert and turn it into something special. Cake mix is for more than just cake! Use your boxed cake mix to create a variety of exciting desserts, …

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Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments!

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments! Rachel – the talented owner of ‘Bubbly Nature Creations’ prepared these balls and give us a chance to make it ourselves. She explains the way of filling glass balls and gives a recipe for a delicious instant hot chocolate. You need to try this out! What You Will Need: instant hot …

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