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Grow Your Own Endless Supply of Potatoes

Grow Your Own Endless Supply of Potatoes “This super easy afternoon project can end up feeding you and your family for weeks and only requires minimal care. What’s even better is that this potato tower can last throughout the growing season. Start one tower in spring to have potatoes through the summer, another in the …

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3-Ingredient SAFE Puffy Slime Recipe

3-Ingredient SAFE Puffy Slime Recipe “My 12 year old daughter LOVES making slime!! I know there have been problems with kids getting burned by slime made with Borax. My friend told me about a slime recipe she makes that doesn’t use borax, so we gave it a try. I guess making slime is all the …

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Loom Knit Infinity Scarf

Loom Knit Infinity Scarf We still have a chill in the air here, Spring won’t be spung for a while yet (due to have more snow!). This is one of my favorite yarn projects I’ve made – a chunky loom-knit scarf. It’s a great beginner yarn project – I don’t know how to crochet or …

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Jello Sherbet Ice Cream

Jello Sherbet Ice Cream If anything can brighten up your day it will be this Jello Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream with its creamy bright colors and flavors to match. It’s sure to make your day just that much more colorful. And what day couldn’t use just a bit more color in it? The best part about …

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Free Printable Home & Garden Checklists

Free Printable Home & Garden Checklists ” Want to make your garden tasks a whole lot easier? Checklists are the answer and I’ve got lots of them for you. These free printables cover a range of topics for garden planning, sowing, propagation, and maintenance. There’s also some home management tip sheets as well. “ Whether …

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