Winter Backyard Astronomy for Kids

Winter Backyard Astronomy for Kids

photo credit to goexplorenature

photo credit to goexplorenature

The sky darkens early in winter, so it’s a great time to get outside with the kids for a little stargazing before bedtime.  But what to see?  Here are 7 objects primed for viewing in January through March in 2013 that are easy for kids to see with binoculars or even with their own eyes:

1. The Planet Jupiter

2. The Hyades

3. The Pleiades

4. Orion’s Belt

5. Sirius

6. The Goat Star and the Kids

7. Big Dipper Standing Straight Up

Head over to goexplorenature.com now and get a few more backyard astronomy ideas perfect for kids! Before you head outside, make sure you’ve got the basics covered, it’s all there at goexplorenature.com. Click the link below…..

Winter Backyard Astronomy for Kids

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