Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames

Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames

Image:  joanne palmisano

Image: joanne palmisano

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? That’s where I found this cool little tutorial that doesn’t require a kiln or a torch…that means anyone can do it. By following a few simple steps, you can turn an old bottle into a nice picture frame.


  • hot-glue gun
  • long-handle paintbrush or pencil with eraser


  • clear wine or liquor bottles
  • small seashells
  • sand
  • bendable copper wire
  • bottle toppers (corks or fun items like an old door knob)
  • candle

You can attach all sorts of decorations to the top of the bottle, using a wire and a cork. Try to keep it simple and let he picture frame reflect your style as you will be displaying it in your room and it should blend in well with the rest of your things. Head to diynetwork.com for directions – click here:

Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames