Self-feeding Campfire – 14+ Hour Fire

Self-feeding Campfire – 14+ Hour Fire

Image:  eraof wisdom.org

Image: eraofwisdom.org

While my husband is out running around the woods, I like to sit by the campfire wrapped in a blanket with some coffee in hand and a book to read. The only time I even move is when I need to throw another log on the fire. I don’t like getting out of my blanket if I can help it.

Do you often go for camping? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are sure to fall in love with this super clever and easy tip. In this video a survival expert named Bob Hansler creates an incredibly strategic yet simple campfire, kind of shaped like a 3 dimensional “V”. It is designed to burn for 14 hours or longer and endure harsh conditions. Check out the video tutorial…

Self-feeding Campfire – 14+ Hour Fire

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